Spring 2019

IEI Technology

IllinoisEyeInstitute.org is getting a new look and feel. These updates will highlight the many ways our clinic is staying on the cutting edge! Check it out, and remember that you can refer complex patient cases to the IEI.

Myopia Management – Nearsightedness affects approximately 50% of people in the United States. The IEI is conducting a number of myopia management studies. We already offer our patients an array of treatments to manage myopic progression- reshaping therapy (orthokeratology), multi-focal soft contact lenses, atropine therapy, bifocal glasses, and more.


EyePrintPro – Using this unique technology, the IEI can create custom, scleral contact lenses that cover a large portion of the eye. EyePrintPro uses 3D scanning and instrumentation systems. It is an option for managing keratoconus, irregular astigmatism, dry eye, trauma, injuries, and challenging diseases.


Corneal Cross-linking – The IEI is one of the only clinics in the region offering this non-invasive procedure for patients with corneal ectasia or keratoconus. Instead of surgery, we use Vitamin B2 drops and UV light to strengthen corneal tissue. This can slow disease progression and help patients effectively wear contact lenses.


Equipment Updates – Our clinic uses the Heidelberg OCT2 module, the same Spectralis imaging platform used on the International Space Station (ISS). We are constantly updating our clinical technology to include digital phoropters, ophthalmic lasers, and other pieces that serve student education and patient care.






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