A fourth-year ICO student recently shared an intense story with my department. At her last externship site, she had participated in an eye exam that directly led to the patient being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Thanks to early detection, the patient considered their life saved.

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Spring 2019 Editor's Note

In November 2018, members of ICO’s SVOSH traveled to Peru for a mission trip that encompassed the Thanksgiving holiday. The group offered eye care in Lima and Cusco. ICO students conducted refractions, distributed eyeglasses and prescriptions, and wrote cataract referrals. When they were not donating their time and skills, participants visited ancient ruins, m...READ MORE

SVOSH Visits Peru

Giving Tuesday was once again a success for ICO. Generous donors came together on November 27, 2018, to raise funds for the Dr. Robert and Lena Lewenson Pediatric and Binocular Vision Center. Internally, we raised $33,016. Externally, we raised an additional <span style="font-...<b>READ MORE</b>

Giving Tuesday 2019

Resident matching for 2019 has come to a close. This summer, we will welcome a new crop of skilled Residents to the Illinois Eye Institute and affiliated sites:


New Residents: "It's A Match!"

ICO has developed a Summer Research Program that will be offered, for the first time, to second-year students in 2019. Participants will spend a 10-week period during the summer quarter conducting a research project with the assistance of faculty mentors. Each student will craft a paper or poster presentation to be delivered at a scientific meeting. Ideally, their w...READ MORE

New Summer Research Program

The 2018-19 conference and convention season was a great success for ICO! The College has been well-represented at many events since the previous issue of ICO Matters:

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Conference Round-Up

We extend our appreciation to the many alumni who participated in this year’s Practice Opportunities Symposium! On April 5, 2019, we welcomed ODs from across the profession to network with current ICO students. Each year, this valuable event highlights the many modes of practice across optometry. Retu...READ MORE

Practice Opportunities Symposium

ICO hopes to give every student access to the resources required to succeed. Over the past several months, a Task Force led by Beth Karmis, MA, ICO’s Senior Director of Student Development, has been working diligently to tackle any barriers students may face on the path to graduation. <span style="font-weigh...<b>READ MORE</b>

New Student Success Center

This edition of ICO Matters was mailed before a very BIG weekend! The Presidential Inauguration of Dr. Mark Colip, the dedication of the Dr. Robert and Lena Lewenson Pediatric and Binocular Vision Center, and Commencement for the Class of 2019 are all scheduled over two tremendous days, <span style="font-weig...<b>READ MORE</b>

Inauguration Weekend


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