September 5

Optometric Management Magazine spoke to ICO’s own Dr. Michael Chaglasian about new OCT technology. In the article, Dr. Chaglasian shares how his preferred imaging techniques can help diagnose issues like diabetic retinopathy.

September 8

Nice to have met 2nd yr student Jeff Villena, star of @ICO_Optometry YouTube series A Day in the Life during #ICOHomecoming, I was starstruck  Great to talk with the students about #optometry in @NVIofficial & @Americas_Best. Thanks to ICO for a great event. (courtesy of @IanYmalay)

September 19

To support diabetes patients in our community, Maureen Dwyer spoke on @WVON1690. The Community Health Focus Hour is produced by UChicago Medicine. Maureen’s episode was titled, “Diabetes: The Silent Tsunami.”

September 21

"I hope this perspective encourages others to push for cultural inclusivity in their respective fields, and that the next generation of healthcare workers will be as diverse as the melting pot we live in." - Lester Efianayi, ’21


September 28

Hooray, #Fall is finally here! The annual #Autumn decorations are out around ICO. What a lovely harvest! :)

October 3

ICO alumni shape the very profession of optometry. For example, Jeff Krall, OD ’88, co-invented Neurolenses- “spectacle lenses that contain contoured prism to relieve headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and eye strain related to the use of digital devices.” Read more on Healio.

October 13

Intramural soccer semifinals and final today! Competition is fierce, but I’m not sure what this sideline says about our collective Vernier acuity... #ICONora #optometrystudent#optometryschool #optometryjokes#intramurals #soccer

October 19

A group photo of @ICO_Optometry Board of Trustees. How proud I am of the work we are doing! (courtesy of @drkareneng)

October 24

The Chicago Cultural Center currently houses an exhibit on the history of ICO’s neighborhood. “Bronzeville Echoes” focuses, in particular, on African American contributions to popular music. Check it out by taking the CTA Green Line or CTA’s #4 bus directly from campus!

October 25

Subconjunctival hemorrhage? Iris atrophy? Conjunctival growth? Couldn’t pass up this spooky eye cupcake at the local bakery. #ICOJackie #ICOFourthYear #ExternshipJourneys #ClinicCaptures

October 30

This fun and informative article from New York Magazine on smartphone font sizes features our own Mallory McLaughlin, OD ’16. It’s OK to change the font on your devices if it helps your eyes relax. Just be sure to keep up regular eye exams, too!

October 30

Congratulations to SVOSH ICO on winning @VOSHintl’s annual student video contest. Awesome work! The winning entry got the most votes and a prize from @goodlite.

November 8

Congratulations to Sandra Block, OD ’81, new co-chair of the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health at Prevent Blindness Advisory Committee. You make ICO proud!!

November 9

Sara Winkler, OD ’12, originally wanted to be a pediatrician. She eventually found optometry- and ICO! We are delighted to see our alumnus profiled in the @WaunakeeTribune.

December 3

OEP, COVD, and NORA collaborated to hold ICO’s First Annual Behavioral Vision Expo. This picture from Vivid Vision features virtual reality equipment. Our students learned how VR can be incorporated into vision therapy.

December 12

ICO’s student organizations are amazing, but especially around the holidays. NOSA recently volunteered at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, helping to prepare over 5,500 meals in one afternoon. VOSH gave full eye exams and glasses from the Essilor Vision Foundation to local refugees. The ICO spirit of giving is alive and well!

December 25

Warm holiday wishes from the Illinois College of Optometry.

January 11

Location revealed! EyeBall 2019 will take place on March 23 at Soldier Field. (via ICO Student Assoc.)

January 11

Carmen Castellano, OD ’82, is quoted in an American Optometric Association article about contact lens technology. He gives the reader a bit of history, then provides hope for a future full of “[e]asy, simple and effective” contact lens innovations.

January 15

Many of our students were drawn to ICO by word of mouth. They were encouraged to apply by a doctor, a mentor... Ernest Williams, Jr., OD ’72, applied after talking to a friend. He’s now about to retire after years of serving his community and inspiring future ODs. Thank you to our vast alumni network for spreading the ICO legacy!

January 23

Vision 2020/USA, Leading Vision and Eye Health Groups Urge U.S. Surgeon General to Issue Call to Action for the Year 2020 (courtesy of Invision Magazine)

January 24

ICO faculty member Dr. Yi Pang and alumnus Pam Lowe, OD ’88, are part of Essilor’s nationwide task force addressing myopia control.

January 25

BIG optometry news coming out of Canada, the home of a significant portion of ICO students! Canada accepting the NBEO could open doors for Canadian students attending optometry schools in the U.S., or U.S. students hoping to practice in Canada.

February 10

ICO students: as you take your finals, keep in mind some wisdom from classmate Bri Buckley, ’20. Even the toughest times at ICO can help you better serve your patients. “It’s all going to be worth it in the end...”

February 13

“Will you be my PAL?” “Our love will fluoresce!” Enjoy this year’s ICO Valentines, created by Konstantina Kalas, ’19. Print for your favorite aspiring OD, or share with hashtag #ILoveICO.





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