August 28

We extend our gratitude to the legislators who visited ICO yesterday: @RepJoyceMason, @RepHernandez, @barbara_isabel, @SuzyGlowiak, State Rep Lindsey LaPointe. We hope you learned much about the profession of optometry! Thank you for your work in #Illinois.

August 29

Congratulations to Dr. Laurel Roberts, one of ICO's '18-'19 residents. She was chosen for a Johnson & Johnson Residency Award by the American Academy of Optometry Foundation. Dr. Roberts will receive the well-deserved Sheldon Wechsler Contact Lens Residency Award at the end of October. Fantastic work!

September 14

We are proud to welcome The Association for Conductive Education in North America (ACENA) to our campus! Their 2019 Conference is being held at ICO this weekend; our own Dr. Valerie Kattouf is the keynote speaker.

September 14

It’s the perfect day for a lakeside fluorescein sno-cone!

#ICONora #chicagosummer #lakemichigan #optometryschool #optometrystudent


September 17

We are excited that ICO students get to learn foreign body removal on a brand new biocampatible polymer eye

called the OcuBall. As Optometry Today explains, this exciting technology "avoids the challenges of crosscontamination and biological waste associated with traditional animalbased models."

September 26

If you have a friend, mentee, or loved one interested in pursuing medicine, tell them about #optometry! @OptometricEd chose ICO's own Jeffrey Lewis, OD '12, to represent the profession. He's a doctor AND a DJ!

September 27

ICO recently visited @DePaulU to offer sports vision screenings. Our students and faculty evaluated nearly 170 athletes. We are proud of this hometown collaboration, which has been going strong for 35 years. Go Blue Demons!

October 2

ORMatch is open TODAY! Women in Optometry spoke to ICO's own Elizabeth Walsh Czirr, OD '15, FAAO, about how a VA residency complemented her optometric career.

October 17

ICO's SVOSH and Low Vision Club partnered for a Dining in the Dark event. In addition to raising funds for @givingsightorg, this exercise encouraged awareness about the daily experiences of people living with blindness or vision impairments.

November 15

How often does an entire campus get together for a movie?? Very cool! The ICO family is enjoying popcorn, candy, and the film #Screenagers: The Next Chapter.

December 6

Several of our students spent Thanksgiving in Jamaica, helping deliver comprehensive eye exams to people in need. Jeff, Lester, Randi, and their colleagues have really embodied the ICO spirit this holiday season. We are so proud of them!

December 13

ICO's Cornea and Contact Lens Society welcomed Jason Pingel, OD '00, back to campus today. He had wise things to say about improving the patient experience. We're always honored when an alumnus visits and shares!

January 21

Chicago's first black alderman lived in Bronzeville- ICO's neighborhood. On Monday, a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrated the historical restoration of Oscar Stanton De Priest's home, just 2 miles from campus.

January 24

Our mental health club ABLE has set up a table this afternoon where students can write notes of encouragement and kindness to be distributed to others. Optometry school is hard but it’s so nice to have a community of people going through the same thing as you. #ICOAitana #ICOClassof2023 #optometrystudent #almostthere

February 5

February is Black History Month. Founded by Chicago activists, Black History Month celebrates the immense contributions and legacies that blacks of the African Diaspora have made in history. This poster is currently displayed outside of our Lecture Hall. It recognizes some of the many black ICO alumni who empower and inspire. Thank you to NOSA and the Black Student Union for collaborating on this important piece!

February 12

Got a special someone who helps you see things more clearly? Send them this ICO Valentine! #HappyValentinesDay





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