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FALL 2019

Fall 2019 Editor's Note


While assembling this issue of ICO Matters, I marveled at how differently each ICO alumnus has mapped out life after optometry school. For some, the first thing they did was travel internationally. Others immediately nested, purchasing homes and starting families. Still others put everything on hold until student loan debt was paid off. The pursuit of happiness is different for everyone. Even when a group of colleagues starts from the same place (ICO), the paths beyond are infinitely variant. 

What do you value? How do you prioritize these values with your time, money, energy? How do you share these values with the world? This issue of ICO Matters highlights the values of our alumni, and how they live those values post-graduation: 

  • Multiple doctors find themselves drawn to serve India, establishing organizations overseas.

  • Two very different alumni weigh in on paying off student loans in urban and rural settings.

  • A family spreads its optometric knowledge through the medium of podcasting in Close Up. 

  • One alumnus shares her Essentials for bringing optometry to the Alaskan wild. 

We value your feedback! If you have any comments, queries, or story ideas for the magazine, e-mail any time. 

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