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Spring 2019 Editor's Note


A fourth-year ICO student recently shared an intense story with my department. At her last externship site, she had participated in an eye exam that directly led to the patient being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Thanks to early detection, the patient considered their life saved.

Day-to-day, optometrists may not consider themselves heroes. However, to a single patient, you may be a life-saver. Even a basic refraction can help someone succeed in school or be a safer driver. As highly-trained doctors, you know that eye exams can detect systemic problems such as diabetes or cancer. Believe me; to someone, somewhere, you have been a hero.

The heroics of ICO alumni expand well beyond the practice of optometry. In this issue, we hear how our graduates are uplifting others in many ways:

  • The 50th anniversary of the NOA, and the history-making life of one of its founders.

  • Passion projects and volunteer opportunities that inspire ICO alumni.

  • ODs helping each other face, understand, and adapt to private equity optometry.

  • …and more!

If you have any questions, comments, or story ideas for the next edition of ICO Matters, feel free to e-mail

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