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Summer 2022



Nora Matland

After a two-year hiatus, ICO faculty and staff, our ’22 graduates, family, and friends, all returned to Symphony Center to celebrate the Class of 2022. Finally, after so many hardships, we were all able to come together and celebrate all the hard work and dedication that is needed to become a Doctor of Optometry. Families streamed in with flowers and contagious excitement to commemorate this momentous occasion. “It takes passion to get the most out of this educational program. It takes passion to rise above the daily grind and to excel and achieve at the level required by ICO’s faculty.  You’ve each done that, and you’ve done it quite well. You’ve achieved something truly remarkable and something truly special,” remarked President Mark K. Colip, OD '92 during his address to the graduates.


Of particular note was this year’s commencement speaker, Dr. Roy Wesley, son of Newton K. Wesley, OD a professor at Monroe College of Optometry. Addressing the graduates, he said, “I must admit that I am absolutely in awe of each and every one of you. You have earned your degree coming through 2+ years of the COVID pandemic. I wish I could hear your stories of achievement . . . and struggle during this period.” Dr. Roy Wesley took us back to a time when schools taught nothing about contact lenses and much of what is currently taught was still being developed and researched. Dr. Newton K. Wesley was able to grow the field of contact lenses despite many hardships including the incarceration of his family in a Japanese internment camp during WWII. Recognizing the hardships this class has had to go through, Dr. Wesley said, “use the obstacles in your life as steppingstones to create a new and better future. Let your dreams be open to the opportunities as they show up in your life.” “Dream, imagine and act to create a better future.” In recognition of Dr. Roy Wesley’s many accomplishments, ICO bestowed upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Science in Optometry.


There are 132 ICO students in this graduating class. They come from 29 different states, 3 foreign countries, and 5 Canadian provinces. 35% graduated with high honors and nearly 1/3 will head on to residencies next year. Dr. Colip ended his speech by saying, “ICO Class of 2022, you are going to do great things.” We couldn’t agree more. Congratulations again, Class of 2022. We can’t wait to see what the future will bring!

All photographs by The Paul Studios and Eileen Molony

For those interested in reliving the day, make sure to check out our graduation video. Congratulations again, doctors!

Tracy Matchinski, OD ’95, carrying the presidential mace leads the processional.


ICO President Mark Colip, OD ’92, welcomes the Class of 2022.


ICO commencement speaker Roy Wesley, OD addresses the Class of 2022.


Denise Alexopoulos, OD ’17, administers the optometric oath.


Download over 300 photos on ICO's Flickr page.


Rewatch Commencements livestream on ICO's You Tube Channel.


Flag bearers Diana Masolak ’24 and Karli Clark ’25.


Dean Stephanie Messner, OD, recognizes Soo Jung Lee as this year's valedictorian.


The Doonaree Pipe Band plays "Scotland the Brave".


Nana Owusu, OD ’08, President of the Alumni Council, welcomes the class to the Alumni Association.


ICO's Graduate and Faculty Chorus sing the Alma Mater.


Students from the Class of 2022 celebrate outside the Chicago Symphony Hall.

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