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Winter 2023

White Coat 2023


Nora Matland

For many years, our White Coat Ceremony has been hosted in fall of the first professional year. When the pandemic conditions in fall of 2020 prevented us from hosting this event, we had the chance to revisit the meaning of the White Coat Ceremony.
At its core, the donning of a White Coat is a symbolic gesture that frames the seriousness of undertaking a clinical program and the impact we have on our communities by being trusted with making medical decisions in their best interest.

Second professional year marks that time when our students move toward independent patient care. It seems most fitting that this becomes the time when the donning of the white coat takes on its true significance in the educational journey.

We are proud to recognize ICO Class of 2024 at this important milestone in their educational journey. 

Relive White Coat on ICO's YouTube Channel. 
Download photos on ICO's Flickr page.
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