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Winter 2023

White Coat 2023


Nora Matland

Another year, another White Coat Ceremony, another class officially starting their time in clinic. This year, we had a number of parents coating their children, an older brother coating his younger brother and one very proud president coating his daughter. As always, it was not only a celebration of how far these students have come, but also a day to recognize the Class of 2026’s commitment to one another.

“It’s a lot more special getting it second year . . . just because we are [seeing patients on our own] in clinic. . . I had that goal of being here, being able to help patients and it’s happening right now,” said Nancy Garay ’26. “I love [having this ceremony] now as a second year. . . All the classes we went through, all the late nights of studying, it feels a lot more rewarding this way,” said Elizabeth Chen ’26.

With one year under their belt, this class knows that the faculty and our staff will adeptly guide them through the next few years. “I truly believe we’re at the best place in the country. We’ve got the best faculty. It’s just an honor to put on this white coat, and to be a part of that,” said Dylan Kruger ’26.

These next few years will be a challenge, but we know that this class will make it through together, and we look forward to being part of that journey.

Relive White Coat on ICO's YouTube Channel. 
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